New Monopoly Go! 2024 Summer Release

New Monopoly Go! 2024 Summer Release

"Worth It" is the perfect addition to your MONOPOLY GO! experience, offering incredible value for savvy players. This product provides a unique blend of strategic advantages and exciting rewards, making each game more thrilling. Invest in "Worth It" to enhance your gameplay and maximize your winning potential.

Glovin It

"Glovin It" brings a touch of fun and flair to MONOPOLY GO! With its quirky glove-themed accessories, players can enjoy a whimsical twist on classic gameplay. This product adds a playful element, making your MONOPOLY sessions more enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved.

Proper Shopper

"Proper Shopper" is designed for the meticulous MONOPOLY GO! player who values strategic purchases. This product offers exclusive in-game shopping advantages, allowing you to make smarter investments and dominate the board. Elevate your gameplay with the strategic edge provided by "Proper Shopper."


"Underdogs" caters to players who thrive on overcoming challenges. This product offers unique boosts and advantages that help turn the tide in favor of the underdog. Embrace the thrill of the unexpected and watch as your MONOPOLY GO! strategy takes you from the bottom to the top.

Surfs Up

"Surfs Up" adds a wave of excitement to your MONOPOLY GO! experience. This beach-themed product brings vibrant visuals and special bonuses that capture the spirit of coastal adventures. Ride the waves of fortune and bring a refreshing twist to your gameplay with "Surfs Up."

Tuning In

"Tuning In" is perfect for players who enjoy a harmonious gaming experience. This product offers music-themed enhancements that add a rhythmic flair to MONOPOLY GO! Enjoy a symphony of rewards and strategic advantages as you play, making every turn a melodious delight.

Victory Podium

"Victory Podium" celebrates your triumphs in MONOPOLY GO! with style. This product offers exclusive victory-themed rewards and boosts that highlight your achievements. Stand tall on the podium of success and showcase your winning spirit with "Victory Podium."

Sync and Swim

"Sync and Swim" is all about teamwork and collaboration in MONOPOLY GO! This product offers unique cooperative advantages, encouraging players to work together for mutual success. Dive into a synchronized gaming experience and see how collaboration can lead to shared victories.

Ace in The Hole

"Ace in The Hole" provides the ultimate strategic advantage for MONOPOLY GO! players. This product includes powerful in-game boosts that can turn the tide of any match. Keep this ace up your sleeve and unleash it at the perfect moment to secure your victory.


"Positions" is ideal for players who appreciate strategic placement and planning. This product offers special advantages that enhance your ability to position yourself favorably on the board. Master the art of strategic positioning and outmaneuver your opponents with "Positions."

Right Angle

"Right Angle" is designed for players who excel at making precise moves in MONOPOLY GO! This product offers unique rewards and boosts that reward calculated decisions and sharp gameplay. Angle your strategy just right and achieve victory with the precision of "Right Angle."

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